My name is Lara.  I am a believer in Jesus; wife to Tunewalker, mother to Happy Girl, Scooter Man, Blue Eyes, and Doodlebug; and exasperated owner of Buckeye the Wonder Dog. Our family is searching diligently for the Ancient Paths in which to walk (Jeremiah 6:16), looking for a better way to live than the pop culture/get ahead for yourself/post-Christian world view that pervades our society. I homeschool our children, encourage my husband, make bread, do mountains of laundry and occasionally work as a nurse in the hospital and try to be creative when I have the time. My life is never picture perfect, but I am grateful God promised to complete the good work He started in me.


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  1. Melissa Baxley

    Hi, Lara! I hope are you doing well. I enjoy reading your blog for so many reasons (including the home schooling encouragement….I need that for sure!). I also want you to know that we pray for your family frequently.

    I have seen you comment on grinding your own wheat. I’m not sure I”m ready to do that (I don’t bake much anyway), but I’m interested to know if you feel there are specific benefits to this as compared to purchasing whole wheat flour at the store.

    My real question, though, is where you get your wheat berries. I’m actually looking for a place to purchase bulk steel cut oats and thought a place that sells whole wheat might also sell that. I’ve found a few other vendors on-line but I like to use vendors that are already tested and prove trustworthy.

    THanks for your help.


    Melissa Baxley 🙂

    • Hey Melissa! The majority of vitamins in wheat, () have dissipated within 72 hours of being ground. Enriched flour only adds back a few nutrients, so it’s not as good for you. I buy my wheat berries through http://www.morningsidefarm.com. It’s a co-op in the Middle TN area. You all are in Texas now, right? Here’s the website for Wheat Montana. They have other grains besides wheat that you can order.

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