Birthday Gratitude

It started before church, with our own unscheduled personal version of Festivus “Airing of the Grievances” that included a dropped glass jar of cereal that was crushed to dust, two children crying and one mama left to vacuum up the floor while decorating two birthday cakes and getting the house ready for 18 24. After that beginning, I was wondering what on earth could happen next. What a beautiful day it turned out to be! A worship service that just got better and better, then part of our tribe over for lunch. We ate chips and queso, made corn bread and laughed over soup and sang happy birthday to two of us. Here’s my list for the week, with a heart overflowing:

  • warm soup and cornbread shared on a rainy day
  • brunch with Beth
  • kids everywhere!IMG_5094
  • boys jumping on the trampoline in the rain
  • girls talking about boys
  • adults sitting around the table, talking and laughing
  • a surprise from my husband in my worship playlist 🙂
  • taking the time to talk it out
  • girls in tights and ballet shoesIMG_5026
  • a hug and encouragement from a friend, who can’t know how much her words meant
  • taking a bit of time to paint
  • coming home to freshly cleaned bathroom and folded laundry
  • dinner with my parents-in-law
  • my dad surprising me by taking my daughter to rehearsal

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