Well…umm…here I am…again…

It’s hard to even know where to begin…do I pick up where I left off? Fill in the blanks of the last 7 months without a new post? Try to stutter around the awkward silence of  “where have you been?” I don’t really know what to say. The camera stopped working. The computer wouldn’t upload pictures, or if it did, they got lost. Then the computer died…well, I’ll just leave the last few months at that.

It can be very difficult to be grateful when things seem to continue to tumble down–crash down hard. And I tend to isolate myself when times get tough and I get overwhelmed. But the worst times are a bit less dark when you look for the Light. Looking for the gifts and the Giver in the middle of the strain and the pain and the “what on earth?”, well made it easier to keep walking. Not flying with wings like eagles, not running, just walking. Putting one foot in front of the other walking on through life. Soaring and running without being tired–I suppose those days will return. I hope they will. But for now, I am content to walk and not be faint.

So after a loooonnnngggg time of not telling what I’m grateful for, here’s another Monday morning, and doing my best to face it with an attitude of gratitude and joy in my heart. Here’s my overdue list:

  • Faithful friends who loaned us their car for the weekend, so we could all go to church!
  • A morning full of hugs from the Beautiful Belmont Girls of the Balcony, 9:00 edition. Oh, how I’ve missed those ladies and their encouragement and love!
  • Provision from God, using the most unbelievable waysIMG_4849
  • A two-week break away from everyday life, sorely needed by us all.IMG_4167
  • Grabbing an hour for tea with my amazing friend
  • Conversation between grammar lessons and picking up children with my other amazing friend
  • The messy: a counter filled with salt dough maps of Egypt and mummified fruit, the den turned into a road rally of hot wheels, tubs of fall clothes to sort through in the living room. The beautiful: children learning, playing and awesome clothes from the cousins!
  • Being home in my own kitchen, with hot running water and a dishwasher. Priceless!IMG_4662


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2 responses to “Well…umm…here I am…again…

  1. Marilyn Weldin

    So good to hear from you again, Dear Lara. You know, all of us have those periods of “going through” just to get through a rough time. It’s doing your due diligence even when there doesn’t seem to be much reward for your efforts. That’s when I try to remember the last chapter of Job. It has comforted me through many of the “going through” times. I’ve missed your blog.

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