Gratitude in the new year

Well, 2013 ended three months of illness–suspected whooping-cough and perhaps flu, plus other respiratory illnesses galore. I’m grateful for new beginnings, aren’t you? My new year’s gratitude list:

  • Ending well
  • Beginning with expectation
  • Burning the “Old Man”

    Burning the "Old Man" indoors--too cold outside!

    Burning the “Old Man” indoors–too cold outside!

  • Hundreds of robins, stripping our holly tree bare in one day. They were so full they sat around digesting for a couple of hours after they finished!IMG_2891
  • Hearing Papa Don preach the first Sunday of the year.
  • trip for three to the aquarium
  • Monopoly for the rest of us–time to hang out while we watch the storm come in
  • A warm house in absolutely frigid temperatures
  • Sound of water dripping through the night=no frozen pipes!
  • A close call realized–oven instructions tucked behind the panel nearly caught on fire!IMG_2894 IMG_2895
  • A great deal on a new oven

    Out with the hold, waiting for the new...

    Out with the hold, waiting for the new…

  • Coffee hazelnut steamer (kid temperature!) with Stacy
  • Healthy kids growing well
  • Frost on the windows and doorsIMG_2913
  • a sort-of snow, about all we get around here 🙂
  • new storage in the kitchen
  • afternoon with Valeria
  • Beth and her birthday–so grateful to have you in my life!
  • Play date for Blue Eyes
  • grateful my family is NOT dependent on my gardening skills for their next meal. Everything froze…:(
  • Encouragement by Ann to start to collect gratitude lists. What a gift to us all!
  • New youth pastor, new beginnings for our Sr. pastor, new hopes for the future
  • Friends finally on their way to Ethiopia after waiting over six months for clearance by the Embassy. Godspeed, Jeff and Julie!

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  1. Wonderful list! Isn’t gratitude so lovely? Happy New Year!

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