2014 Gratitude List

  1. Ending well
  2. Beginning with expectation
  3. Burning the “Old Man”
    Burning the "Old Man" indoors--too cold outside!
  4. Hundreds of robins, stripping our holly tree bare in one day. They were so full they sat around digesting for a couple of hours after they finished!
  5. Hearing Papa Don preach the first Sunday of the year.
  6. trip for three to the aquarium
  7. Monopoly for the rest of us–time to hang out while we watch the storm come in
  8. A warm house in absolutely frigid temperatures
  9. Sound of water dripping through the night=no frozen pipes!
  10. A close call realized–oven instructions tucked behind the panel nearly caught on fire!
  11. A great deal on a new oven
    Out with the hold, waiting for the new...
  12. Coffee hazelnut steamer (kid temperature!) with Stacy
  13. Healthy kids growing well
  14. Frost on the windows and doorsIMG_2913
  15. a sort-of snow, about all we get around here 🙂
  16. new storage in the kitchen
  17. afternoon with Valeria
  18. Beth and her birthday–so grateful to have you in my life!
  19. Play date for Blue Eyes
  20. grateful my family is NOT dependent on my gardening skills for their next meal. Everything froze…:(
  21. Encouragement by Ann to start to collect gratitude lists. What a gift to us all!
  22. New youth pastor, new beginnings for our Sr. pastor, new hopes for the future
  23. Friends finally on their way to Ethiopia after waiting over six months for clearance by the Embassy. Godspeed, Jeff and Julie!

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