Dawning of November gratitude

IMG_2308And there’s so much beauty around us for just two eyes to see
But everywhere I go I’m looking

Rich Mullins’ song “Here in America” came to mind as I busily snapped pictures on dewy mornings and rainy afternoons and exclaimed at the wonders of the creation. It was another week of sickness here at our home–bronchitis and a respiratory virus. Quite a bit of up and down at night with everyone coughing at some point or other. Except me:). Despite the resemblance to a TB ward in my home, this is my favorite time of year. My list for the week (mainly in pictures):

  • praying with dear friends and a sweet release
  • cuddles on the couch
  • honey, humidifiers, and motrin
  • deep fog that left its imprint on hundreds of spiderwebsIMG_2296




  • unbelievable scarlet running down the side of my driveway



  • finding a recipe for homemade vick’s vapo-rubIMG_2368
  • tea with honey-Gingerbread, English Breakfast, and Irish Breakfast for all the tea lovers in my home
  • carving out time to paint a fall-ish pictureIMG_2345
  • Bradford Pear of many colors–funny to see so many stages of leaves changing so close together…IMG_2370
  • soft ray of sunshine after a dreary dayIMG_2353

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