Fall break gratitude, week 2

We had so much fun on week one of Fall Break, and I’ll be honest, I had so much left to clean up from the camping, that I made an executive decision to have another week of Fall Break. Yay! It was mainly washing mounds of laundry, putting away camping stuff, sorting through summer and fall clothes, but there was plenty of time to play and plenty of things to be grateful for:

  • a washer and dryer for all that laundry
  • changing seasons–how would I stand not having the wonder and beauty of all four seasons every year?
  • warm quilts for the bed
  • medicine for my husband with bronchitis
  • the best news for a friend and her husband!
  • getting the garden ready for winter
  • resuming our study of Romans on Wednesday nights
  • a fun day of school and life–having 10 kids, 3 moms, 2 dads, 2 dogs, 7 kids homeschooling, the Star Wars bar scene music on saxophone to the howling joy of the Wonderdog, and an art lesson, plus soccer practice all in one day. Really–anyone who doubts the socialization of homeschoolers should have been at my house today!


  • bittersweet last day of soccer season–Scooterman “graduated” from Upward Soccer. What a fantastic program! Thanks Judson Baptist Church!




  • renewing an old friendship
  • so much fun for daughter at sleep over. I love her friends!
  • Hanging out with Naomi and Dan
  • quiet time before the troops awake
  • new crock pot recipe

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