October Gratitude

I don’t know about you, but around her it hasn’t felt like October at all. I actually got a sunburn at the soccer games Saturday. Finally, yesterday a front brought rain and a cool front. I think we might get a couple of days of fall-ish weather! Here’s my list for the week:

  • Happy Girl on the tire swingIMG_1772
  • a week’s work for husband
  • a remedy that seems to be working against the invading stink bugs
  • progress towards new business idea
  • boys jumping on trampoline in the rain
  • winter’s batch of hot chocolate made and waiting for a day cool enough to drink it
  • getting ready for a camping trip
  • neosporin, stick free bandage and gauze after a big bike wreck
  • W and Scooterman playing in the yard
  • Buckeye the Wonderdog finally starting to act like himselfIMG_1774
  • fun “panning for gold” during historyIMG_1783
  • banana bread out of too-old-to-eat bananas
  • getting to try out a new recipe (brioche!) for a friendIMG_1796
  • finishing up a commissionIMG_1800
  • having R for a night in the camper
  • cold water and conversation with AE
  • time with the Jesus Girls
  • taking time out for painful yet necessary heart to heart
  • power naps
  • children leading worship at church
  • getting ready for a camping trip
  • serving a God that is so creative, there is a new sunset every evening for me to enjoy, right outside my backdoor





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