Just grateful….

A busy week, and it was a week with only one vehicle as the other was in the shop. I had lots of time at home and got a good bit done, but I’m ready to be out and about again. My list for the week:


  • Time for reflecting
  • Unexpected provision
  • For two vehicles, especially after spending a week with just one
  • Last roses of summerIMG_1746
  • Fresh loaves of bread steaming on the counter
  • Gallons of tomato soup frozen for later
  • Dentist my kids LOVE
  • Friends who cart my kids to church when our van’s unavailable. Thanks Linda!
  • Jim Davis. Seriously. Algebra 2 without him would be painful.
  • Creative kids who turn the dog run into a zip lineIMG_1749





  • Art time with Beth and Anne Elise. And their kids:)
  • My daddy designing and building a critter box for my garden
  • first tiny carrot leavesIMG_1762
  • the promise of broccoliIMG_1719
  • onions in the groundIMG_1718
  • peppers ripeningIMG_1765


  • The dog finally better enough to be off leash after a month. I don’t know who was happier, him or me…
  • First signs of fallIMG_1770



  • My precious, newest nephew turning one and the honor of being his aunt. The gift is mine.IMG_0310
  • The amazing women I am privileged to work with at Vandy. The. Best.
  • The peace obedience to the Spirit brings and the joy in saying “yes” to the Father! Saying yes can be so difficult, but oh the results are worth it…

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