Grateful for the end of August

It took til the first week of September for the grass to get the usual July crunch, but the heat my tomatoes missed all summer finally showed up. Hot and humid, delighting the June-bugs into song, as summer unofficially ended, weather-wise it seems it just got cranked up. It was another week of newness–new year (Happy Rosh Hashanah!), new Wednesday night classes at church, soccer games on Saturdays, even a birthday party thrown in to make it interesting:). Here’s my list for the week:

  • a fairly lazy Labor Day
  • a new to us couchIMG_1514
  • games of horsey on the old and ugly couch, now in the school roomIMG_1516 IMG_1515
  • a shortened school week
  • kids having school outside again to keep the dog company during his recoveryIMG_1526
  • getting ready for consignment sale
  • Rosh Hashanah celebrated around the table in the Fellowship Hall
  • listening to Ms. Ruth read from the book of Romans to start off our fall study
  • finding my first homegrown red pepper!
  • tomatoes finally starting to look decent
  • brilliant purple orange and pink sunsetIMG_1518
  • early morning rain
  • thunder rumbling anticipation for a storm to wash out the humidity
  • kids and snow-cones
  • Daddy-daughter time at Shakespeare In The Park
  • kids and slip-n-slides:)
  • siblings helping make their little brother’s party a success
  • Benadryl for a bee sting
  • worship and the Word with the saints
  • sharing words with a sister
  • star night benefit of Mommy not having to do the dishes 🙂

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