Grateful in the end of August

It was a week of simple gifts: paper, paint, a dogs with a torn ACL, children in trees with books, food that made us laugh, friends. Nothing earth-shattering. Just simple, quiet gifts all week that whispered “I love you” from above. My list for the week:


  • watercolor birdsIMG_1510
  • pastels and black paperIMG_1506IMG_1511
  • Children learning outside so the injured dog can rest outside IMG_1489


  • finding a book my son loves (Indian in the Cupboard) enough to read on his own
  • reading up the treeIMG_1488
  • illumination
  • quiet peace
  • getting to see Beth twice in one week
  • starting Rich Mullins biography
  • an inquisitive son: What does cotton look like under a microscope? What happens to the light when you point a laser at a prism?
  • circus tent-striped applecircus striped apple
  • bushel of fresh GalasIMG_1491
  • bushel of fresh peaches perfuming the kitchenIMG_1494
  • 3 double-yolked eggs in a week!IMG_1482
  • a rare night with my Jesus Girls
  • Shakespeare in the Park with good friends
  • corporate worship
  • hearing the Word
  • fellowship of the saints
  • Sunday afternoon with us all at home!
  • Impromptu dinners

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