Gifts on Monday:

  • respite from Sunday’s work
  • helpful nurses on 7
  • seeing my husband and youngest son driving in the parking lot to take me home

Gifts on Tuesday:

  • one last day before all the fall activities begin
  • library time
  • being home with my family after 2 long days

Gifts on Wednesday:

  • friends to work, play, and learn with today!IMG_1377
  • paper, paint, and creativityIMG_1395
  • dinner with Anne Elise

Gifts on Thursday:

  • art with the Johnsons
  • selling my cloth diapers
  • reconnecting with Kelli

Gifts on Friday:

  • borrowing Beth’s mixer to spend a day baking bread
  • 25 loaves in 8 hours
  • dinner with the staff and parishioners of St. George

Gifts on Saturday:

  • seeing friends at the Farmer’s Market
  • meeting new people in the neighborhood
  • selling 22 loaves in 3 1/2 hours!IMG_1420

Gifts on Sunday:

  • My youngest child’s 7th birthdayIMG_1450
  • worship, communion meditation and sermon that spoke directly into my heart
  • time at the pool with friends

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