Grateful for new school year and a wedding

What a week–starting school with our kids, working again at the hospital after 6 weeks, and watching my sweet niece Ashley marrying Josh! We spent the first part of the week on fun field trips, then had our first day of school Thursday–celebrating with a fun art lesson with the Johnsons. Friday was working and the rehearsal dinner, and Saturday was Wedding Day for Ashley and Josh, my niece and now my nephew! So many new beginnings, so many things to be grateful for! Here’s my list for the week:

  • working through my stuff with sweet friends
  • my mom taking the kids to the Science Center
  • God providing a small extra income
  • fun, fun, fun at the FristIMG_1142 IMG_1143
  • my son excited about art, even if it is Art Deco cars:)IMG_1097


    I think this may the first mini-van. Really much cooler than mine 🙂

  • joy of creating art togetherIMG_1137
  • making time to paint
  • new friends in a new class
  • a renewed me
  • brand new BIG box of crayonsIMG_1147
  • first day of school fun–cinnamon rolls, pictures and All About Me booksIMG_1151
  • icing art–mixing the color wheel and graham cracker master piecesIMG_1155
  • phone call from a friend in my silent desperation
  • team of amazing nurses, carepartners, MRs, residents, and doctors I get to work with. You make all the difference in the world!
  • getting off work early!
  • dinner with my parents and the boys
  • a sweet young bride and her loving groomIMG_1170
  • generations gathered to witness and rememberIMG_1223
  • girls delighting over the beauty, serving lemonade, and dancing with DaddyIMG_1331
  • boys catching frogs, throwing rocks in the pond, catching frogs and playing with sparklers–and a nephew sharing his birthday with his sister’s wedding!IMG_1184

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