Beginning of August Gratitude

Our last full week of summer before starting school was a pretty lazy one. Most of us were home most of the week, which was a blessing. Here’s my list for the week:

  • 19 years of marriage
  • pictures preserving memories
  • reconnecting with old friends who shared that most special day with us
  • sunflowersIMG_0938




  • October weather in July
  • NOT starting school this week
  • God’s provision in unusual ways
  • group birthday partyIMG_1066
  • nine cousins, together for the first time
  • a day hanging out
  •  the book of Romans
  • a freshly weeded garden
  • the biggest cantaloupe I’ve ever seen growing in my gardenIMG_0939
  • Promotion Sunday at church
  • an afternoon with dear friends at Wave Country
  • free passes for the kids thanks to the Library Summer Reading Program
  • Evening watching movies
  • kids getting to sleep in the camper
  • the sound of June bugs on a summer night
  • hearing husband reading to kids before bed
  • youngest son finding The Big Dipper and “maybe Venus”

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