Gratitude in waning summer

My daughter grinned as she got in the car and told me about the “homework” for the week from our point pastor: start a gratitude list. I feel like I got a head-start, since I’ve been keeping one for more than three years.  I’m hoping other people who start one will see as much fruit in their life as I have in mine, from the simple act of gratitude, finding the gift in the everyday, even in the unpleasant. The overflowing toilet becomes a chance to thank God for indoor plumbing, clean water, a washing machine, and antibacterial spray. 🙂 Here’s my list from the week:

  • working through with Denise and Ginger
  • tomatoes, peppers and melons, straight from the garden
  • watching my girl go off on an adventure
  • a “date” with my husband by the fire-pit
  • DSCN6943finishing up lesson plans for the year
  • media free day at home
  • finally using that craft kit I got on clearanceIMG_0854
  • playing games in the den
  • birthday bakingIMG_0923
  • little girls’ giggles
  • brothers being good sports
  • sweet friendsIMG_0921
  • clue hunts
  • getting my girl back after a week
  • sweet knighting ceremony
  • hearing the blessings of others for their children
  • hanging out with D’Laine, Naomi, Jessica, and Deb
  • walking barefoot through the grass
  • watching Doodlebug climb “the watermelon tree”
  • getting three meals frozen in the time it took to make one
  • slowly opening sunflowerIMG_0935





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