A double dip of gratitude

Yikes I’m behind with my gratitude postings! Two weeks to be exact. I’m still catching up from my whirlwind trip to Africa and trying to get ready for the fall. So here’s two weeks at once, condensed into “my favorite things” over the last two weeks:

  • A damp but fun runIMG_0413
  • Having my son back from Scout Camp, happy and healthy, though tired and VERY dirtyIMG_0447
  • Under the C Camp at church–dear Ms. Sylvia who loves on our kids so well
  • Spending an evening with Angela and Kristin helping reorganize kids’ classrooms
  • Popsicles galore after camp
  • Time spent with Ginger and Denise
  • Motrin, soup and juice to help my sick girl feel better
  • Having God re-arrange my plans, against my better judgement 🙂
  • Getting on a roll with lesson plans for fall
  • Learning how to use Google Drive
  • Slowly but surely re-organizing the homeschool room
  • Amazing effect of totally dropping sugar from my diet for seven weeks: 20 pounds and peace
  • Spending the summer with my Jesus Girls
  • seeing my children learn new things about themselves and their talents
  • spectacular thunder storms
  • friends home from a summer in Africa
  • two boys playing for three days this week:)
  • fresh organic peaches and blueberries
  • teaching my youngest to swim, indeed a family affair
  • great deals on used curricula for fall
  • God providing through selling my used curricula
  • an unbelievable offer taken
  • an “normal” Saturday–the first one in months
  • a picture perfect Sunday
  • worshipping at church
  • helping out in the 3rd grade with Sandy
  • afternoon working out, then playing with the kids in the pool
  • a belated 4th of July meal of hamburgers and hotdogs and watermelon, since Scooterman missed the one on the 4th
  • kids making faces with veggies from the gardenIMG_0621
  • fire in the fire-pitIMG_0622
  • beautiful moonIMG_0643
  • silly dog looking for graham crackersIMG_0637
  • snuggles and smores with DaddyIMG_0651
  • clouds to end the dayIMG_0656

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