Gratitude in a new month

Well, the camera’s week in rice to dry out the puddle-baptism didn’t help, so I’m a bit sparse on pictures. My dear son, knowing I wanted to come to Cheekwood for the Night Lights exhibit so badly and couldn’t, documented the entire evening from start to finish with his camera. You’ll see some of his work below. Pretty wonderful pics for an 11-year old boy. Of course, he’s pretty wonderful himself…

My list for the week:

3 gifts found in church:

  • worship lead by tender, humble hearts
  • friends to clasp hands with and pray
  • a group to meet with for encouragement along the way

3 gifts in today’s work:

  • amazing nurses, care partners, medical receptionists, residents and attending–such a joy to work with these people
  • getting to take care of friends’ sweet baby
  • quick thinking and steady hands all around

A gift at 8am, 12pm, 8pm:

  • sugar snaps loading the vines
  • leftovers in the fridge mean an easy lunch:)
  • lightning bugs in the dark

3 gifts blue:

  • 3 shots taken by my son, who knew I was sad to miss the Cheekwood exhibit of light. Didn’t he do a great job?IMG_0181
  • IMG_0234
  • IMG_0179

3 gifts you gave today:

  • time to play a game with my youngest
  • time to listen to a child’s explanation
  • time to exercise (that’s a gift for me)

3 gifts orange:

  • orange cantaloupe juice dripping down little boys’ chins
  • orange heirloom tomatoes, green basil and white mozzarella in amazing tomato caprese
  • gifted lilies starting to bloom despite my lack of nurturing

3 gifts funny:

  • rules you have to make up on the fly when you have boys: “You may not juggle with the fruit!”
  • “It’s hard to explain for a 6-year-old”
  • sermons stories when our pastor is without coffee 🙂

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