April Spring Gratitude

3 gifts rising up:

  • freshly baked bread, steaming on the counter
  • beautiful sunrise
  • tenacious sugar snap peas, determined to climb

A gift hiding, held, heard:

  • Son receiving Arrow of Light (and a real arrow to commemorate!),  becoming a Boy Scout

Photo: Webelos Crossover Night [sniff] [sniff]

  • miraculous story of a tangle of tandem bike, husband, leash and dog. Thanks to the Lord, nothing broken, just a couple of bruises and a skid mark on his shoulder–Thankful the tandem part of the bike did not have my son on it and my husband can still train for the marathon!

3 gifts budding or blooming:

  • beautiful plant I transplanted (and forgot about!). I wonder what it is…DSCN6935
  • weeping cherry tree against the blue spring sky
  • early Coreopsis and SalviaDSCN6933

3 gifts worn:

  • worn flannel sheets, that seems so cozy and now seem stifling, exchanged for cool cotton
  • footie pajamas, worn in winter, packed away for cooler spring jammies
  • winter coats and snow pants, finally washed and put away for the season

3 gifts birthday:

  • son so happy to give his dad a special gift on his birthdayDSCN6932
  • surprise family cook out with friends
  • birthday sign from the kids

3 gifts bright:

  • fresh green leaves against dark cloudsDSCN6926
  • spring sun after the rain
  • pictures of precious bright eyes in Ethiopia–can’t wait to see Miller in person!

3 gifts Sunday:

  • S’mores around the fire pit–sticky giggles and allDSCN6943
  • time building trellises with my kids

    Didn't they do a great job?

    Didn’t they do a great job?

  • scrapes and bruises and a really lost tooth, but no serious injuries from my two wild-at-heart boys

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