Gifts for the days of the week…

3 gifts Tuesday:

  • husband taking me to work VERY early
  • wonderful nurses, residents lactation consultants and care partners
  • Pinewood Derby Day, even if I missed it:(IMG_1951

3 gifts Wednesday:

  • children marching around Lucy the Donkey, singing Palm Sunday Songs, a week early…DSCN6765
  • sweet friend happy to bring her donkey to church, letting all the children sit on the donkey to see the cross in her furDSCN6762
  • conversation and encouragement from my friends Valeria, D’Laine, and Anne Elise

3 gifts found in Thursday:

  • giving up my day to help at the consignment sale, so hard but just couldn’t fit it in this crazy week
  • finding a whole box of summer clothes for the kids that still fit!
  • having a GREAT day of school with the kids

3 gifts Friday:

  • dear friend who kept my younger daughter so I could work
  • tea and talk with Beth
  • supper, shopping, and introducing my oldest daughter to Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightley version if you’re curious…)

3 things to make an interesting Saturday:

  • getting up at 5 am, getting ready, going to work and find out I’m not on the schedule–lots of money lost in that non-work day!
  • getting up at 5 am, getting ready, going to work and find out I get to have a WHOLE day to myself instead of working–lots of rest in this first day off of the year!
  • discussing world view, theology and the almost perfect picture of Satan’s deceptions contained in Star Wars Episode 3 with my daughter 🙂

3 gifts on Sunday:

  • return of husband and scout-sons, dirty laundry, man-smells, general messes and all:)IMG_1988
  • day to celebrate Patrick, who found joy in slavery, forgave his captors, and came back to share the good news of Jesus with all of Ireland!
  • bagpipes and St. Patrick’s Breastplate at church

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