thankful, but late:)

So after a packed week-end, my kids ended up sick, so my blog took a back burner.  And iPhoto’s acting up, so I can’t load pictures. Oh well, better late than never, right?

A gift worn-out, new, made-do:

  • green scrubs that have seen better days
  • New Minnie Mouse scrubs
  • seems like most things are made-do right now:)

3 gifts seen as reflections:

  • mirrors covered with little fingerprints
  • clouded sky with shafts of sunshine peaking through
  • Favorite Lent book, reflecting

3 gifts ugly-beautiful:

  • messy kitchen–yummy meal made and served to the ones I love
  • art room in shambles–lovely art made by my creative children
  • stepping on Legos and game pieces–my kids stayed occupied and busy in constructive ways long enough for me to grab a nap:)

3 gifts from the past that help with the future:

  • testimony from last week, that encouraged others, and their encouragement encouraged me!
  • dinner with friends from the past, in town for the night. “They overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony.” So happy to see the Bellas!
  • Verses I learned as a child that keep coming to mind when I need them

3 gifts at 4 pm:

  • dropping my kids off at my parents to spend the night
  • date night with my husband
  • getting to watch an entire movie without being interrupted:)

3 gifts green:

  • pansy and daffodil greens to brighten a wintry day
  • a new green smoothie my husband made me–that was good!
  • old green sweater I love to wear, paint stains and all

3 gifts worn:

  • coats to keep us cozy on a chilly morning
  • smart-wool socks
  • bathrobes for all the kids to wear for movie night

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