Grateful for provision

DSCN6696Today is my sister’s birthday, and I am most grateful for her! We’ve gone from little girls, to teenagers to new brides to moms. She drove 2 hours to see my firstborn; and while she was in labor with her second son, she called from Jackson and asked if I could teach her how to have a natural childbirth,  I talked her through a shortened version of “prepared childbirth class” over the phone, teaching breathing techniques and diversions via cell phone–that was a first:). We talk homeschooling, she helps me clean my house when I get behind (umm…not really a “when” for me, more of a state of behind that  I live in). This year, we’re going on an even bigger adventure, as we go together to pick up her newest baby from Ethiopia. I get to be an adoption doulah! So, Amy, thanks for being a great sister, wife, and mama, and most of all friend!

My list for the week:

3 gifts on paper:

  • dreaming big together for the future of the teens in our church
  • Book of Romans
  • lesson plans already made

3 gifts that were “plan b’s”

  • the dog, after a tussle with a raccoon, on the mend after a day at the vet
  • husband’s cracked tooth and our kind dentist helping him out
  • having the strength to rearrange my day after both of the plan b events above

a gift at breakfast, lunch, dinner:

  • daughter, who’s been gluten-free for 7 months, successfully adding some gluten back to her diet
  • leftovers from supper last night, making lunch easy:)
  • seen while making supper tonight–my two little men reading the funnies sent by my grandmotherIMG_1792

3 gifts Thursday:

  • youngest son skating with a roller (whoever invented those was a genius!) all by himself, so proud!DSCN6660
  • daughter getting the courage to skate by herselfDSCN6655
  • older son helping youngers with confidence (and even kindness)

3 gifts that changed today:

  • quiet faith in Jehovah Jireh, not myself
  • visits with both Anne Elise and Beth, my sweet, sweet friends
  • that Ebenezer moment, when God provided more than I could have asked or imagined: financially and spiritually

gifts on a working Saturday:

  • sweet time teaching how to give a bath to awe-struck new parents. I’ve never seen quite so many people squeezed into a hospital bathroom, especially for pictures:)
  • a well staffed day, allowing me to do what I like best in my job–take time with the families
  • coming home to bathed kids ready for bed, and an amazing dinner, sent by my mom from the party I missed

3 gifts before 11 am:

  •  Worship drawing me into the throne room of heaven, then Mick and Stuart, our World Outreach pastors, at their best, sharing their passion for the nations
  • the looks on the faces of the good people of Brentwood when my husband and I walked into Chile Burrito with my parents and 8 kids–6 of them 7 and under! 🙂
  • sweet, tiny gift of yellow daffodil by the back doorDSCN6685



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