Thankful for a Lenten Valentine…

3 gifts in working:

  • beautiful, fun ladies I work with at the hospital
  • watching families love on their new babies
  • watching God provide

3 hard Eucharisteos:

  • having God provide, even if I wish He’d do it another way:)
  • feeling guilty for getting a couple of little things on clearance for a wee Valentine’s treat, only to have my youngest say, “Wow! Look at all that!”DSCN6628
  • keeping the faith in hard times

3 gifts behind a door:

  • husband and children with a hot meal waiting when I come in 
  • the couch I took a little nap on Wednesday at church while waiting for my kids to get out of class
  • a washer and dryer, my willing handmaidens that make my life so much easier

3 loves on Valentine’s:

  • making cookies to love on my kidsDSCN6629
  • getting flowers from my wonderful husbandDSCN6637
  • DSCN6638
  • spending the day with two of my best friends and their families

3 gifts in losing, finding, making something:

  • learning to lean on Him as I lose “my” life
  • learning to praise Him as I find “my” life in Him
  • the joy of watching my children createDSCN6613 DSCN6614 DSCN6615 DSCN6616

3 gifts in shadows:

  • sitting in the shadows, trying to revive my pansies, and watching four timid bluebirds drinking from the water nearby
  • boy in shadow in the weeping cherry:)DSCN6636
  • knowing in the times of shadows, He is always there, even when I don’t always feel it

3 gifts found in giving/serving:

  • friends driving my oldest to church so she can serve in the puppet ministry at church
  • staying home from church, taking care of kids who are under the weatherDSCN6640
  • The amazing missionaries our church sends out. “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those that bring good news!”



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