Gratitude in the fresh air

We had a pretty nice week, weather-wise, compared to the rest of the country, so much gratitude this week was from outside. Here’s my list of the week:

3 gifts found when bent down:

  • dog moving the blinds to see who’s outsideDSCN6577
  • miniature lavender plant that survived its first Nashville winter
  • pansies providing color on dreary days

A gift stitched, hammered, woven:

  • youngest daughter’s first attempt at needlework
  • home-made bird houses in the trees
  • favorite blue scarf

3 gifts found outside:

Meenonite greenhouse heated by woodfire means spring's on it's way!

Mennonite greenhouse heated by wood fire means spring’s on its way!


Freshly turned farmland

Fleecy sheep and fleecy clouds

Fleecy sheep and fleecy clouds

11:30, 2:30, 6:30:

  • 11:30: watching my sons jump on the trampoline with their daddy
  • 2:30: enjoying the park, friends, and temperatures close to 60
  • 6:30: getting lesson plans done for 2 weeks:)

Friday gifts:

  • the hour of time and a tiny curling iron’s work making my lovelies even more beautiful




  • time together spent painting nails and watching movies with my girls
  • Father-Daughter Dance at church–watching sweet young girls and the fathers that cherish them, and the mamas at home posting pictures on Facebook, so we can enjoy the night too:)

3 surprise gifts-unexpected grace!:

  • good day floating to a different unit at work
  • home cooked meal when I got home
  • flannel sheets that felt SO good!

3 times you heard laughter today:

  • running to the car and smelling the rain and the earth
  • during a game of Catan Jr. with my youngest
  • as we “burned the old man” and the firecrackers erupted (yes, it’s supposed to happen New Year’s Eve, but we’re running behind…)

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