Another week of January Gratitude

Well, I started last week with one child on the mend from almost a week of illness, and ended it with a different child coming down with the same thing. While I am NOT happy to have sick kids, but grateful I live in a place with access to medical care for strep tests (even if they’re negative), medication to bring those fevers down, and Netflix so my little guy can watch Shaun the Sheep while he recovers. Here’s my gratitude list for the week:

Three graces from people you love:

  • husband making dinner the night after I work
  • extra help from oldest daughter when a brother is sick and Daddy’s taking care of him
  • gift in the mail at just the right moment

Dusky light, surprising reflection, lovely shadow:

  • luminosity of a sunset
  • seeing myself in my daughters
  • shadow of a neighbor’s chimney creating a perfect frost chimney on their roof

A grace held, passed by, sat with:

  • new life held with joy
  • bluebirds on a fence
  • friends, for a long overdue conversation

A gift smooth, sweet, just right:

  • a perfect avocado
  • gingerbread tea
  • crunchy apples with peanut butter

3 yellow gifts of fresh mercy:

  • golden sunlight after a rainy morning
  • yellow paint on canvas–carving out time to paint
  • clumps of golden grasses, memories of the splendor of summer

A gift above, below, beside:

  • rain, falling from above, getting everything ready for planting
  • black and white rain boots, keeping my feet dry from below
  • best husband ever, beside me every step of the way

3 things about yourself you are grateful for (seriously, the hardest Joy Dare challenge of the year is this one, at least for me):

  • my acceptance of Christ at an early age
  • my love of books and reading
  • my tolerance to mess that allows my kids to be creative (read make messes), though the glitter in the carpet is not my favorite:)

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