Grateful for a New Year…

A new year has come, an old one, thankfully gone. It was truly difficult, and it is truly over. One thing that helped me through it was Ann Voskamp’s Joy Dare. I started recording my gratitude before last year–have done it for several years in fact. I’m always amazed at the end of the year by what I’ve experienced, and what I’ve recorded, in print and pixels:

 The simple gifts He silently gaveDSCN5260

heavens declaring His gloryDSCN3977

joining nature in manifold witness of His FaithfulnessDSCN6006

 the whispers from the throne room with His perfection of timingDSCN6156

that keep me walking in the Light.DSCN5571

Gifts of an extravagantly loving Father that I would have missed had I not been on a quest for joy.


Moments of ordinary turned extraordinary when you see His fingerprints on the momentIMG_0160

Have you started to track His gifts? You don’t need a camera or a blog. Just a notebook. Or a scrap of paper. Or if you’re fancy, an app on your phone:). You can use Ann’s  suggestions, or just what you see, hear, or experience every day.

So here’s to a new year of gratitude, of a quest for the quiet gifts of the Father, of being thankful for what has been given. Here’s my first list of the year:

Three gifts anticipated:

  • Faithfulness of Jehovah Jireh in the coming year
  • another week to rest and play with my family
  • joy in the journey

Three gifts heard:

  • “Happy New Year Mommy!”
  • “I don’t feel good.” Not thankful to hear that, but thankful to live where medicine is available to help my poor sick boy.
  • “What’s for breakfast?” Thankful there is food in the pantry to nourish my growing ones

A gift outside, inside, on a plate

  • raised bed garden still growing lettuce, spinach and broccoliDSCN6218
  • smart-wool socks for chilly days
  • husband-made chicken fried rice

3 gifts staying home

  • Christmas decorations put away
  • playing games with the kids (loving Catan Jr)
  • lesson plans simplified

A gift old, new, blue

  • warm quilt, great-great grandmother pieced and tied
  • finding “my” verse for the year
  • blueberry tea

A gift reading, making, seeing:

  • finding One Thousand Gifts AND One Thousand Gifts Devotional for Kindle at a bargain price!
  • gluten-free donut holes baked for my girl
  • amazing moon in early morning before I head to work

A gift in my bag, fridge, heart

  • ticket stub from December play and memories of a family outing, given by a friend
  • leftovers for supper–Mama’s not cooking tonight!
  • faith, hope and love

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