2012 Wrap-up

Well, that was a year. :). Like I said on Facebook, I’m not a bit sorry to see it end. It was a very difficult year for us, but by the grace of God alone, we made it through.  Today we sat down and read through all our entries into our Blessing Box. Despite all the “stuff” that has happened over the past year, it was amazing to read all we have to be grateful for this past year as well. I’m so pleased my Happy Girl took on the responsibility of asking everyone about their blessings every month. Here’s my wrap up in pictures of the year. And umm…if you didn’t get a Christmas card from our family (that would be all of you–sorry), here’s a wee little look into our lives. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


ScooterMan joined the Boy Scouts, and a month later won First Place in his group for his Pinewood Derby Car.


Father-Daughter dance at our church–I think this was the third year and I love that they do this!


We had a beautiful Passover Seder with our dear friends. Love we do this with our friends the Johnsons!


For my husband’s 40th birthday, I agreed to go backpacking with him and our friends, Tim and Amy. That was interesting…

DSC_9449aaPrecious girls and ladies came to Happy Girl’s Blessing Party. LOVE these girls and their mamas.

547905_3901596379630_1270814047_33664682_926418711_nCelebrated Mother’s Day with my sweet ones

IMG_0251Went on a cruise with my husband, his parents, brothers, and their wives to celebrate my in-laws’ 50th wedding anniversary

IMG_0160Ate paletas

You can see my fennel, tomatoes, beans, etc...

You can see my fennel, tomatoes, beans, etc…

Grew a garden…

DSCN4832Welcomed home cousin-soldiers (two!)

DSCN5015Visited dear friends in the country…

DSCN4645Made nasty pickles…

DSCN6006Enjoyed a much-needed vacation at the beach

DSCN5364A weekend at the farm to celebrate two birthdays–that’s how you celebrate Nashville style–guitars and ukuleles on a screened porch

DSCN1227Celebrated The Coming

IMG_1306Made family memories

DSCN6506Got a dusting of snow.

So that was our year. The picture perfect part, at least. The heartache and tears, well, you don’t take pictures of that–or the job loss and the questions of what’s next. But I’m thankful for all the wonderful things that happened this past year. Blessings to you all!


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