Grateful for week three of Advent

In a week where the mundane became precious, the every day no longer taken for granted, the unthinkable became reality, gratitude seems even more appropriate where we can find it. My list for the week, slightly changed given the circumstances:

3 gifts unframed art:

  • low, misty clouds pouring down over the hills
  • big bowl of broccoli fresh out of the garden in December!
  • children’s faces enraptured by live theater production of “A Christmas Carol”–priceless

a gift ice-cold

  •  meteor after meteor shooting overhead in the icy night

3 gifts berry red

  • red candles in the Advent wreath
  • red wooden berries on the tree
  • red ribbons tying up our Advent book

a gift stamped, painted, found

  • Christmas card from a far off friend
  • taking time to paint-forgotten how creativity moves me
  • craft found for little ones and big ones alike

A gift gold, scented, bent low:

  • golden birthday necklace from a friend
  • rosemary-mint sugar scrub
  • 38 children bowing low after their renditions of “Jingle Bells,” “Carol of the Bells” and any other song you can think of, at a Christmas piano recital, that this year, this day, no one minded sitting through

other gifts of the week:

  • a Secret Santa that set up a trampoline gift for my children
  • Christmas sing along at a Christmas party
  • conversation that relieved my mind and settled my heart
  • gentle encouragement from a friend
  • reminder of a kinsman-redeemer on our Jesse TreeDSCN6317
  • funny things in our nativity scene
  • silent sunrises to remind “though there’s pain in the night, joy comes in the morning”
  • Christ Gift’s Academy, where the least of these are loved by those born for such a time as this–hearing about those doing good was a welcome relief in a week of sadness

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