Thankful for the first week of Advent, hope

We began Advent this past week. Our version of  “Joy to the World,”  with all 6 of us in various stages of laryngitis and coughing fits, well, let’s just say it qualifies more in the “make a joyful noise” category than anything else. But the candles were lit, songs sung, and doors opened in our Advent Book in great anticipation by all. We lit candles the first two nights of Advent, but not with fresh new candles–I discover right before we start that the candles don’t fit and I’m going to have to shave them down and refit them. All 24 of them. Nice. So I have two candles that fit, bedraggled though they are, the remaining holes of our wax spattered wreath empty and waiting.

Sounds like me–bedraggled, spattered, empty, and waiting. Waiting for rest, peace, to not turn on the radio or see a media website that talk of fiscal cliffs, rumors of wars, unemployment, commercialization of (or total denial of) Christmas. I’m so thankful this is the week of Hope. Here’s my list for the week:

3 gifts preparing:

  • meals in the freezer ready to give
  • new candles for the Advent wreath
  • Jesse Tree, ready to prepare us for the season

A gift handmade, held, happy:

  • homemade sugar scrubs and vanilla, ready to sell at the Christmas Marketplace
  • cuddle time with my little guy
  • tea with a friend

3 gifts in community:

  • 15 flavors of Chex mix
  • ugly mugs and laughter
  • learning something new about my friends

3 gifts red:

  •  red letters “And I am with you always, even to the end of the earth”
  • red gift tags made and printed
  • red ink pad and homemade cards

3 gifts astonishing:

  • all the kids sleeping in til 8 🙂
  • feeding 15 people in and out of our house in under 90 minutes, to make it to the Mini-Nutcracker on time
  • cherry blossoms blooming in December

3 gifts white:

  • baby teeth–two lost in as many days!
  • white icicle lights on the house
  • white lights on our brand new, end-of-season clearance tree:)

3 gifts bright:

  • Christmas Marketplace listening to the bright sounds of the Lovespies, with their new CD, Although it’s Been Said
  • so many kids, crafting with their own hands, then selling their wares to benefit “the least of these” around the world–with clean water, food for the Christmas break, money for adoption–a bright spot in the usual gloom and doom about kids:)
  • amazingly bright moon

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