week before thanksgiving gratitude

3 gifts at noon

  • daughter feeling better
  • tortilla soup
  • kids laughing together

3 gifts behind a door

  • behind the garage door, friend helping husband fix whatever went wrong with the recording
  • behind the camper door, two brothers, my sons, playing peacefully
  • behind the plastic “door”, my cool weather veggies safe from the frost

    Carrots, lettuce, spinach, and broccoli safely tucked in for the winter…

3 gifts silent

  • fox racing through our neighborhood
  • sliver of moon in cold, dark sky
  • frosted Burning Bush

3 gifts golden

  • golden loaves tipped out on the table from the oven
  • single golden-peach flower in a sea of purple pansies
  • golden rays of sun before it sets

3 gifts hard eucharisteo

  • a few more job possibilities not working out for my husband
  • working and homeschooling at the same time
  • having to say no when I want to have time to say “yes”

3 gifts of laughter

  • new parents laughing with joy at their new baby
  • friends laughing as we work
  • family laughing at a Netflix movie

A gift made, shared, passed on:

  • gluten-free corn bread with butter–made by my husband:)
  • photos of my niece and her fiancé getting engaged (congrats Josh and Ashley!)
  • news passed via facebook of my sweet cousins having a boy! (congrats Jason and Tiffany!)

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