Preparing for Advent–Jesse Tree ornament ideas

The inside of the scroll--Psalm 119:105 (the scripture for that day) in English and Hebrew

The inside of the scroll–Psalm 119:105 (the scripture for that day) in English and Hebrew

Last week I posted about Advent–the books we use, candles, etc.–and I touched on our Jesse Tree. This week I have pictures of all our ornaments. There are so many creative blogs with ideas. I’d love to make more, but I really love the ornaments I have! My friend Stacy has collected enough ornaments to give each child a set when they grow up and leave home. Isn’t that a great idea? As I told you last week, five of us participated in an ornament exchange for the Jesse Tree, so we each made 5 copies of 5 different ornaments, then got together and traded. What a fun time that was! This would be a fun activity for a community group or women’s Bible study to do. We used The Advent Jesse Tree: Devotions for Children and Adults to Prepare for the Coming of the Christ Child at Christmas by Dean Lambert Smith for a list of  what ornaments to make. Other than that, it was up to each person’s creativity and inspiration to decide what the ornaments would look like. Notice some of these ornaments were purchased pre-made. Works for me. No craft police coming to get you–the point is to have something to remind you of the story. One thing I would suggest, is perhaps talk about the size of the ornaments beforehand. The tree I used last year was maybe 18-24 inches tall, so I made my ornaments sized for that sized tree–pretty small. Some of the ornaments were MUCH bigger. I really like the size of their ornaments better, and I got a tree on clearance that is the perfect size for all the ornaments this year without turning over my teeny tiny Charlie Brown tree. Here are the ornaments in groups of 5, in a semblance of the correct order, but you’ll have to guess the story each represents, or get the book:)

Days 1-5

Days 6-10

Days 11-15

Days 16-20

Days 21-25

Aren’t these fun? Here’s a link to my Amazon store that includes The Advent Jesse Tree, our other Advent book, and several other resources we use during the Advent Season. Here are some links to some other ideas (some I used!) for ornaments:

  • The Domestic Notebook– she has so many posts I linked you to the “results” page of my search on her blog-she used the same book we did
  • Reasons for Chocolate–this gives examples of a large group ornament party
  • Pinewood Castle–this is a family’s ornaments they made–some of the ornaments are different as they used a different resource

The point is not to stress over the ornaments or the tree or even the devotional. I’ve used my kids’ beginner’s Bible and simply read the stories that correspond to the devotional. Ann Voskamp’s Advent Jesse Tree devotional with ornaments to print out is FREE. The Advent Jesse Tree by Dean Lambert Smith is another lovely book that has devotionals for both older and younger children. You can’t get any more beautiful words or pictures for this season. The point is to remember what God has done and is doing in the history of mankind–and then thank Him for it. Marvel at His deeds and treasure them in your heart. Over and over God tells the people to remember what He has done. The Jesse Tree provides a path through history, showing God’s faithfulness to all generations. Remember with your family. Praise the Lord for His amazing, extraordinary gift of His son. Sow the seeds of gratitude deep into your family’s heart.




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2 responses to “Preparing for Advent–Jesse Tree ornament ideas

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  2. It’s great to celebrate Advent with a Jesse Tree. Such a great teaching tool for children. I make a felt set of ornaments.

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