My secret weapon for sick days with kids

Since the snot is thick and deep around here this week, I’m reposting this from a couple of years ago.

So Doodlebug woke us up throwing up all over our dust ruffle yesterday at 530 AM.  I barely got him to the bathroom to get cleaned up when he asked, “Can you get the Sick Box down?” I assured him he could have it after he stopped throwing up for the day and then got him back to bed.

After my kids get past the I-feel-too-bad-to-whine-I’m-so-sick stage and are bored of watching DVDs but still feel too bad or weak to get up and play, I get out the Sick Box.  Yes, the name is inspiring, I know.  I’m sure Anne Shirley would have a catchy inspirational name, but I had a sick kid when I made it and was low on inspiration!

The sick box is a round gift box that I really didn’t have room for or want to use.  It’s the perfect size for small doodads to keep kids busy and interested.  I filled it with little games and stuff, mainly from Pier One or TJ Maxx.  After Christmas, they have those little games to give people you don’t know what to get for Christmas on clearance. My kids are always drawn to them, but of course I’d never buy them for general usage! I get them and put them in this box for those days when I need to have school with everyone else or get laundry done, or whatever. I’m always on the lookout for additions to the box.

Here’s what I have in mine:

  • a wooden baseball game
  • a wooden lost marble game
  • a wooden golf game
  • a tiny notebook with pencil
  • key chain Boggle game
  • a plastic Christmas ornament with some fragrant petals in it. They feel good and smell good, but not so smelly that they’d turn a sick tummy.
  • a Jacob’s ladder
  • a small kaleidoscope
  • jingle bells on a stick so they can ring for me instead of yelling across the house
  • a tiny fan
  • a box of brand new crayons

I do have a couple of rules with the box.  Only the sick person may use it.  If you’re throwing up, you have to wait til you’re done. You must put everything back in the box when you’re done and it goes back on a high, unreachable shelf. I usually sit it outside in the sunshine for a couple of hours to kill the germs before I put it away.

Now of course, this doesn’t work for babies, just kids at least preschool age and up.  Do you have a sick box?  If you do I’d love to hear what’s in it. If not, why not start collecting stuff for one?  Your kids will really enjoy it!



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2 responses to “My secret weapon for sick days with kids

  1. Stacy

    Great Idea, Lara…we’re snotty here, off I go to make
    a “Sick Box”!

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