Grateful for October

Last week we were on vacation, and I spent the entire week NOT being online. It’s pretty stripped down, but I was very busy working and getting packed, but I was still grateful, so here it is. Here’s my gratitude list I should have posted last Monday, so I can post my new one tomorrow:).

3 gifts orange

  • tentative orange leaves, just beginning to show among the green
  • orange box of gingerbread tea, perfect for a rainy day
  • pumpkins growing in the fields

3 gifts falling

  • temperatures
  • misty rain
  • yellow leaves

a gift caught, let go, midway

  • joy
  • grief
  • my life–I mean, I’m 40, so is that midway?:)

3 gifts reaped

  • tomato harvest
  • basil
  • friendships

3 gifts returned

  • love
  • prayer
  • time

3 gifts redeemed

  • me, my life
  • my husband
  • my children

a gift baked, stirred, eaten

  • breakfast cookies on the road
  • hot chocolate to start a day-long driving trip
  • shrimp fresh from the Gulf

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