Grateful for the first week of fall

It was a week of roller skating birthday party, Day of Atonement, beginning of Sukkot, the Harvest Moon, 3 boys sleeping in the pop-up in the driveway, and hearing that a friend was coming home. A good week. Here’s my list:

3 gifts funny:

  • My son, asking his sister eating a blueberry sucker, “Is it a fiesta on your tongue?”
  • My son: “I think I got the Christlike star in soccer for knocking that kid down on the other team.” Hmmm…
  • 10 and 11-year old boys, wrestling, arguing and still good friends:)

3 gifts finished:

  • someone else’s week’s washing “finished” and on the most amazing clothesline

    Clothesline as high as the barn:)

  • harvest of summer except a few random tomatoes and a bit of basil, and the clean up and garden prep for winter
  • the atonement–“It is finished,” Jesus said. He sat down at the right hand of the Father. We no longer have to wait outside the Temple, wondering if the sacrifice and priest were “good enough” on the Day of Atonement to allow us to live another year. He was both and He was perfect.

3 gifts flourishing:

  • new fall crops planted–tiny lettuce plants and broccoli growing and seeds for spinach, carrots and peas. We’ll see if they actually come up before the frost:)
  • 4 packs of pansies on clearance for 50 cents each, more dead than alive–brought home, replanted and watered and now blooming a beautiful purple
  • Study of first and second Thessalonians on Wednesday night. Love it.

a gift unexpected, uneven, unpopular:

  • the biggest clump of sweet potatoes I’ve ever seen-including a 5 pounder!
  • uneven emotions, from great joy to doubt and frustration in a short amount of time
  • a forced day of rest on the couch, with Motrin and heating pad for my back

3 gifts shy:

  • moon peeping shyly around the clouds
  • family of bluebirds on the telephone lines in front of the house
  • goldfinches that fly off as soon as they see me

3 gifts Saturday:

  • Two soccer games, one score, and selling out of my cinnamon rolls!
  • six boys in perpetual motion, celebrating my son’s birthday roller skating and beating a pinata into a shapeless mass:)
  • candlelight dinner by the fire pit, watching the sun set in the west and the first Harvest Moon rise in the East.

3 gifts shining:

  • Ministries of two long time pastors at our church, now ending with us. Thanks for your service Jim D. and Rob F. We love you both!
  • sunlight between the clouds

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