gratitude the first week of September

3 gifts yellow:

  • shy goldfinches
  • sunflowers
  • sunlight through the rain

a gift cool, warm, sun-soaked:

  • cool breeze along the Mennonite road
  • warm sun on the way to the creek
  • sun-soaked morning glories covering a rusted out water tank

3 gifts autumn:

  • leaves beginning to fall on the less hearty trees
  • amazing lightning storm–almost slow-motion lightning for hours!
  • enormous, 9 1/2 pound cushaw squash (also known as Tennessee Sweet Potato Squash)–how on earth do I cook this thing? 🙂

3 gifts growing:

  • sweet taters still growing underground–a promise of yummy for later
  • basil and tomatoes, valiantly growing, though beginning to look tired
  • children who are healthy and keep growing out of their clothes:)

3 gifts given:

  • afternoon of art and play with friend and kids
  • a weekend away for a daughter
  • gluten-free treat for my other daughter

a gift masked, marveled, made:

  • a three-hour nap to try to chase the sinus headache away
  • fall weather after a week of SO hot September
  • smores around a fire-pit

3 gifts framed:

  • day framed in worship
  • painting finished, though not framed
  • sunset framed in clouds of pink and orang

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