Gratitude at the end of summer

I guess we can call it the end of summer, though it’s still hot and humid here in Middle Tennessee. But school is in session and college football started, so it’sfall in the South:). Here’s my list for the week:

3 gifts new:

  • “Behold I am making all things new!” Thank you, Lord, I’m included in the list of “all things.”
  • new gluten free recipe to try
  • husband’s new song that I LOVE:)

3 gifts long awaited:

  • my little guy’s first night in scouts
  • getting to wear another pair of shoes, after 6 weeks with a broken toe in Tevas
  • hearing a friend from church is getting SO close to being able to get her son in Ethiopia and bring him home to Nashville!

a gift one, two, three:

  • one trip to the Y to exercise on my newly healed toe (can you tell I’m happy ’bout my toe?)
  • two new shoes that feel SO good
  • three nights in a row without having to get up in the middle of the night to tend to someone

3 gifts very small:

  • small red cherry tomatoes ripening in the sun
  • wee little goldfinches upside down on the sunflowers
  • a very small nap–10 minutes before someone came in and needed something 🙂

3 miracles:

  • I survived a night up with our post-surgical dog
  • I got 2 last-minute doctor appoinments the last day before our insurance ran out
  • rain, sun and a rainbow all in one sky at the same time

3 gifts summer:

  • cousins on a tire swing
  • last swim of the summer season
  • blue moon at 4 am

3 gifts cut:

  • cut roses for the table
  • the way my son’s head feels with a fresh buzz cut:)
  • an “I love you Mommy card” cut from scrapbook paper, just for me

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