Grateful for pirate birthdays

It was an amazing week, a bittersweet week, a week of shalom in whirling chaos. We officially moved from a family with a preschooler to all big kids. Our youngest turned 6 Saturday. Legos have displaced Little People, Thomas the Tank has (sadly to this Mama) been retired in favor of Trick Tracks and bows and arrows. I’m happy all my children are growing up so healthy and strong, but I sometimes miss my babies. 3 gifts of serving:

  • my Daddy, saving us the cost of the plumber by coming to fix our wayward toilet
  • my husband, changing the lightbulbs I’m too short to reach
  • my son, emptying the dishwasher and setting the table for breakfast to surprise me–and the joy it brought both of us

a gifts straight, curved, turn:

  • my poor little broken toe, now straight and almost good as new
  • sunflowers, curved toward the sun, to greet me out of the bedroom window
  • a turn in perspective

3 gifts in light:

  • seeing three planets (at least!)in the early morning light
  • watching bats flutter through the waning light of dusk
  • reflected light in the eyes of the young fox exploring our neighborhood

3 gifts old:

  • old songs of praise, sung in new ways
  • old friends who I can call to pray in times of need
  • old Mason jars refilled

3 gifts moving:

  • last day with a five-year-old in our house–moving from the youngest child from a preschooler to a “big kid” is bittersweet for this Mama
  • an unexpected rain storm moving in
  • the moving of the Spirit, where He wills

3 gifts birthday:

  • friends and their boys coming to celebrate with my little pirate
  • the fun of slip-n-slide before the storm hit
  • hearing all the “arghs” and “me hearties” and silliness 🙂

3 gifts fragile:

  • goldfinches swaying on netting to get the seeds from the sunflowers
  • Old, old men praying at the altar. They look so fragile there, on their knees, but really, they are the strong ones
  • trust beginning to rebuild

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