Gratitude in fullness in Christ

We’re still working our way through Colossians at church. For me, last week was all about soaking in the “fullness” and the “all” woven into those four little chapters. This past week was all about finding the “rejoicing,” “give thanks,” and “gratitude” that weaves its way through the book. Though not as extensive as the “all,” how could Colossians (and our lives) not be threaded through with gratitude because of the “fullness” and “all” in Christ Jesus? My list for the week:

3 gifts in green:

  • green, tear shaped romas, covering my tomato plant
  • 3 green cantaloupes, growing all hidden, yet strong enough to pull over the trellis

    Poor trellis pulled over by fat cantaloupes and rain. I’ve remedied the situation and tidied up the vines…

  • 2 cucumbers of alarming proportions

A gift in a ring, curve, sphere:

  • a ring of friends around an outdoor table
  • curved vanilla beans, their fragrance throughout the house
  • atmosphere of amazing end-of-summer blue sky above

3 gifts ugly-beautiful:

  • dying, dried up sunflowers cluttering up the yard–beautiful, happy goldfinches feasting on the seeds and brightening the tired flower garden
  • computer totally crashing with lesson plans inside–slowing down the first week of school and me:)
  • flower bed infested with grass and weeds–time by myself to think and pray as I pull out weeds and sense of accomplishment that I got something done this week…

3 gifts of family:

  • grandparents who greet my children with enthusiastic hugs
  • long phone conversations with my sister
  • grandmother who saves all the coupons in her paper for me

3 gifts in the morning:

  • snuggling with my little guy, though not enjoying the 3 am hour:)
  • misty clouds low over the hills
  • 30 minutes of amazing worship time until iTunes crashed…

A gift red, read, written:

  • I can never remember what this is called (help, please), but it blooms every year outside my bedroom and I love it!
  • “Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds everything together perfectly; and let the shalom which comes from the Messiah be your heart’s decision maker, for this is why you were called to be a part of a single body. And be thankful.” Colossians 3:14-15, (The Complete Jewish Bible Translation)
  • note of encouragement from a friend, just when I needed it (plus muffins for my kids’ Sunday morning breakfast!)

3 gifts in church:

  • having my husband on the worship team at our home church
  • invitation from the pulpit for gratitude
  • full-body gratitude session after the sermon (you can read that as joyful dancing before the Lord and you’ll get a pretty good picture)

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