Grateful for the beginning of August

“Thank you God for sending Jesus to die on the cross and that I learned to play the next part of Axel F on the keyboard.” That was the prayer of my almost 6-year-old this week. Yes, it’s funny, because of course there’s no comparison in the two things at all, but in his sweet little heart, he gets it. He is grateful for the greatest of all gifts and he is grateful for the very small gifts, or what seem very small to me. And I’m so very grateful for him. It’s been a week filled with celebrating 18 years of marriage, the almost end of summer break, a trip to East Tennessee and the real last day of a job. OK, so that wasn’t so much of a celebration, as a moment to live through and be done with, and somehow be thankful for the provision of the last year through this job. My list for an extraordinary week:

3 gifts heard:

  • “Happy Anniversary” from so many dear to us
  • laughter of our children going down the water slides at the wave pool
  • national anthems as athletes were honored for their accomplishments

3 gifts difficult:

  • the very last day at my husband’s work
  • looking forward instead of back
  • being ready to move on

3 gifts white:

  • white light rimming the clouds 
  • stars in the summer sky
  • coverlet on my grandmother’s guest bed

3 gifts eaten:

  • perfect peaches on a summer day
  • Cuban food in the oldest town in Tennessee
  • gluten-free bars in my purse when there’s nothing gluten-free found in the store

A gift at 10am, 1 pm and 10 pm:

  • driving back from East Tennessee in an amazing thunderstorm–and not having to drive myself:)
  • a book on tape to pass the hours on the drive
  • letting the kids stay up “just one more minute” to watch another Olympic race

3 gifts sitting:

  • sitting in the car, two hours to talk out the week with my husband, uninterrupted
  • sitting on our dear friends’ porch, listening to the guitars and the thunder, and watching the cow graze in the front yard
  • sitting around having homemade ice cream to celebrate Happy Girl’s best friend’s birthday

A gift outside, inside, upside down:

  • melons surprising us all over the garden
  • digging deeper into Colossians with our church. Love it!
  • being gently reminded our upside-down life is known to the Lord, (and even planned by Him!) and doesn’t look nearly as uncertain from heaven as it does from here

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