Gratitude in Mid July

Another hot summer week here. My husband spent the week in Kansas City at the National Worship Leaders’ Convention, while I spent the week at home having playdates, getting ready for a consignment sale and breaking my toe. Yes, it’s a glamorous life, but someone’s got to do it:). Here’s my list for the week:

3 gifts hanging down:

  • sweet potato leaves trailing over the edge of the garden
  • cukes a plenty
  • ripe tomatoes, coming fast and furious

3 gifts learned:

  • “Perfect love casts out fear”–OK, so I have to relearn this every¬†day, but I’m working on it, the there’s always a little less fear and a little more love
  • Sarah’s trying to force God’s will to come through in her time instead of His was disastrous for us all (remember Hagar and Ishmael?). Same for me if I try it as well…”God’s will” forced on my timetable is not God’s will.
  • sometimes those difficult conversations you dread having, aren’t so difficult after all:)

3 gifts musical:

  • daughters happily playing music together, even if it is “Heart and Soul”
  • my husband being given a week at the National Worship Leaders Conference in Kansas City
  • birds in riotous song

3 gifts baked: difficult as I’m gluten-free, so I’m changing to 3 gifts unexpected:

  • impromptu lunch with a friend
  • quiet dinner with three more
  • solitary time to spend in the attic, sorting, rearranging, etc.

A gifts in light, dark, and shadow:

  • lightning lighting up huge banks of clouds for hours
  • watching the amazing storm out our darkened house with my dog
  • crazy shadows cast by the candles during the power outage

3 gifts of story:

  • sweet story of our friends meeting, courtship and marriage, and the faithfulness of the Father in their lives
  • how telling your story to others can sometimes help more than you know
  • discovering more Elizabeth Goudge stories and loving them:)

3 gifts understated:

  • green grass where there was dead brown grass two weeks ago
  • husband giving up reading the paper time to play with kids so I could take a much-needed nap
  • kindness of friends and family as I broke my toe

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