Gratitude for homecomings and anniversaries

A different sort of week, with a 50th anniversary, 65th anniversary, 85th birthday, 90th birthday, homecoming from Afghanistan for a short furlough, homecoming from Okinawa for stationing in Utah, and cousins relocating from Seattle to NYC for medical fellowship. All that, church camp, and a day at work made for quite the week full of gratitude. No Joy Dare suggestions needed this week:). Here’s my list:

  • wonderful rain!
  • not having to water my garden everyday
  • a small batch of sweet pickles
  • children singing and dancing before the Lord–no pretense, just joy
  • creative adults sharing their gifts with kids
  • watching kids discover gifts in themselves
  • meals with friends around long tables in the Fellowship Hall
  • long overdue playdate and mom talk
  • discovering an unread book by a favorite author
  • an art lesson after three months off
  • 50 years together, celebrated with family
  • stories of a courtship, told  over cake, punch, mints and nuts
  • Grandad telling stories to granddaughters
  • a homecoming from Afghanistan, with 21 more family members at the airport than our tired soldier expected
  • strangers coming up to welcome a returning soldier
  • a quiet love note on the fridge from one who can’t always remember us anymore
  • catching up time on a bench
  • 65 years of togetherness–four children, seven grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren
  • hearing wedding plans for next summer
  • the amazing technology of skype, that lets those far away be in the room too
  • a great night sleep for a mama with all her chicks home from all over the world

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