Beginning of July Gratitude

Somehow last week I missed my three gifts for Sunday, so I’ve added them this week:)

3 gifts loved:

  • My dearly loved friend Chimena and her family spending the day with us, catching up after four years
  • snuggling with my youngest after a scary dream
  • the smell of rain, even if the rain goes somewhere else…

3 gifts read:

  • The Scent of Water by Elizabeth Goudge
  • The book of Psalms
  • my daughter’s rough drafts left on the computer desk

A gift in faith, family, and freedom:

  • being led to almost identical verses scattered throughout Psalms
  • family willing to eat supper in the garage, so my 90-year old grandmother wouldn’t have to climb stairs
  • “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” 2 Cor 3:17

A gift in red, white and blue:

Red watermelon in a white and blue bowl.

Raising the Stars and Stripes

Red, white,and blue star cookies

3 gifts of persistence:

  • a daughter patiently picking out the notes to a song she’d heard
  • after weeks of winding the vine around the trellis, watering and feeding it and seeing no fruit–a canteloupe found growing in secret under all the leaves!
  • children patiently finishing their math books

3 gifts of enthusiasm:

  • little boys on a slip-n-slide
  • joyous Doodlebug, looking at the “pickles” he’s growing
  • a very enthusiastic aqua zumba teacher, that helped me make it through the class

A gift of challenge, conflict, change:

  • learning to ask the Lord to help me train my will to His
  • siblings’ conflicts, hopefully leading to deeper relationships as they learn to work it out
  • Remembering this fast approaching change in jobs, while difficult, is right

3 gifts water:

  • A business-like pouring rain at my friends’ house during dinner, even if it never made it to our house!
  • a short,  gentle rain, heard in Saturday night, for the first time at our house in close to a month
  • a rollicking, crashing thunderstorm Sunday night–you have no idea how thankful for rain people are until it’s absent so long…

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