Gratitude in the last week of June

3 gifts in someone older than I:

  • Birthday dinner for my dad–I think his greatest gift was having all eight grandchildren around the table at one time. I think the homemade ice cream was a hit too…
  • Successful triple-bypass surgery for Uncle Jim

3 gifts in fabric:

  • My first set of 600-thread count sheets–found on sale after 7 months waiting!
  • gauzy white curtains that filter the scorching heat and light
  • my husband’s no-iron shirts–so happy someone invented that concept:)

3 gifts framed in a frame:

  • blank canvas, ready to be filled and framed
  • Picture of my four not-so-little-ones when they were very young

3 gifts eaten:

  • A new gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe. And they really taste like cookies–even my kids loved them!
  • Strawberry, spinach, blueberry, banana smoothie on a hot, hot day
  • Tomato caprese. My favorite summer food, hands down.

A gift small, big and just right:

  • Beautiful small blueberries–8 pounds!–that make my house smell amazing!
  • Big, round, fuzzy peaches–25 pounds!–to split with Beth
  • Chocolate covered strawberries that are just right!

3 gifts of my own choosing:

  • 1 1/2 gallons blueberries and 4 quarts of peaches frozen in our new freezer!
  • my very first batch of pickles!
  • thinking of how my grandmother had no air conditioning, no clothes dryer, no dishwasher (except her oldest two daughters), made all four of her kids clothes, had one bathroom and NO AIR CONDITIONING. Boy am I blessed beyond measure, even if it was 106 today:)

3 gifts moving:

  • four children in perpetual motion
  • two cars with air conditioning (it’s been as hot as 109 this week!)
  • Holy Spirit–John 3:8

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