Gratitude in a hot summer week

3 gifts from your Heavenly Father:

  • Quiet day at home
  • flourishing garden
  • His amazing Word

3 gifts you became today in serving:

  • joy in serving my children
  • faithfulness in serving my husband
  • patience in serving my dog

A gift bent, beautiful, loved:

  • bent branches of the weeping cherry outside my kitchen window
  • daughter collecting gratitude lists from younger siblings:)
  • a marriage that stands the test of difficult times

3 gifts found in light:

  • how swirls of  paint become light on canvas
  • sunset over the hills of Middle Tennessee
  • stars glimmering out of the darkness

3 gifts that are difficult:

  • overcoming the depression and anxiety that can come unbidden and unwelcomed
  • trusting the Lord to a future that is assured, but murky at the moment
  • wrestling with the flesh, hearing the verse “we wrestle not with flesh and blood…”

3 gifts found around a table:

  • everyone back around the dinner table after several days of youth mission trip and boys’ camping trip
  • a nephew at the table and spending the night!
  • singing “happy birthday” to an eight-year old daughter of a friend–the one the doctors said would never survive birth, but God gave life and gave abundantly, despite the doctors’ outlook:). Happy birthday Kennedy!

A gift in water, in words, in white:

  • husband watering the garden for me in the blazing heat
  • “Words aptly spoken are like apples of gold in settings of silver.” Thanks to Stewart and Donna for their words this week when I needed them!
  • White sliver of moon in the twilight sky

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