Grateful for a summery week

A week of VBS (week number 2), gardening, lesson plans, birthday parties and Father’s Day. Here’s my list for the week:

Three gifts painted:

  • wicker furniture from an estate sale
  • kitchen walls, thankful that it’s scrubbable paint:)
  • a new idea for a painting, if I can just get it out of my head and onto canvas…

Three gifts full:

  • full barn at the farm–new baby bunnies, puppies, calves and foals
  • fields full of grain, corn, cows
  • half hour full of a phone conversation with my sister

Three gifts smelled:

  • that funny smell tomato plants leave on your hands after twirling them round the trellis and breaking off the suckers
  • freshly scrubbed little-boy smell
  • gluten-free brownies warm from the oven

A gift unexpected, unwanted, unlikely:

  • being in the one spot in town that got a deluge of rain
  • actually having to run from building to building with some of my kids to get to the car in the middle of the deluge
  • a rainbow before the storm

Three gifts in His Word:

Three gifts moving:

  • a birthday party full of perpetual motion–stopped for a moment to bless the birthday boy
  • kids on slip-and-slides

    Muddy children slip’n sliding down the hill:)

  • water bouncing through the air in a dance of water and light

Three gifts in your dad:

  • his steadfast faith in God that he passed on to his daughters
  • that he can fix anything with enough time, clamps, and adhesive
  • how he loves his wife, kids, sons-in law and grandkids

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