Another garden update, or how the garden grows better when I’m out of the country…

So I came back from a cruise last Saturday and stepped into my little garden and was amazed. Now, I’m a total amateur in the garden. I don’t know why thing grow or don’t, or die. Well, sometimes I can figure out the death thing, if I forget to water, but other than that, I’m clueless. My mother on the other hand, apparently, all she has to do is be in charge of my garden and it flourishes. “What did you do?” I ask, looking over the plants that grew exponentially. ” Well, we just watered once…that was really it,” she says rather vaguely. Hmmm….I should leave my plants alone more often. So far, I’ve harvested three cherry tomatoes and two green beans. The tomatoes were eaten by the kids before they made it to the dinner table and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to divide two beans for six people. How does your garden grow?

First box–the tomatoes are so tall they won’t fit in the picture and there are a couple of almost ripe cherry tomatoes on the right side. The lettuce is huge!

pole beans are finally happy enough to run up the trellis in box 2.

Might I get a melon before the fall frost? We shall see…

Sweet taters coming on nicely:)


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