Two weeks of gratitude in one

I spent last week cruising the Caribbean with husband, brothers-in-law and their wives and my mother and father-in-law, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. No phones, no internet, Facebook or WordPress. It was quite restful, but now I’m back. So to make up for last Monday’s missing post, here’s two weeks of gratitude for you:

Three gifts found in little people:

  • unexpected moments of kindness shown to siblings
  • giggles and laughs with each other
  • sticky hugs and kisses

3 gifts that made me laugh:

  • Queen Anne’s lace, picked just for me by a wee little Mennonite girl, given with a smile
  • knock-knock jokes heard from my fourth child–same jokes heard from a new child with the same delight as the first three kiddos:)
  • children running through the sprinkler

3 gifts found in community:

  • loving intercessors
  • amazing listeners
  • tea time on the couch to catch up

A gift in a plate, pot, package:

  • beautifully ripe strawberries
  • huge, potted, bleeding heart plants, on clearance for $1!
  • finding the perfect book to read on my cruise

3 gifts hard giving thanks for:

  • a job ending in August
  • trying to hold everything together long enough to make it to our week-long getaway without collapsing first
  • seesawing back and forth from “I believe” to “Lord, help my unbelief!”

A gift worn, white, whispered:

  • everything all packed and ready to go, with time to spare
  • white flowers on my bean plants
  • “I’m going to miss you”whispered from my oldest child

3 gifts found in church:

  • Celebrating Pentecost corporately with our church–just wish I could have been there:)
  • the birth of the church–the amazement that God would choose to use frail humans at all in His plan to share the Good News with the world
  • amazing family of faith

3 gifts in today’s work:

  • Another day of rest from work of pretty much every and every kind:)
  • no seasickness on the high seas
  • finding a spot in the shade

a gift at 8 am, 12 pm, 8 pm:

  • A gift from the Word, found in two places in Psalms
  • A lunch date with my husband
  • Fabulous sunset sailing through the Gulf of Mexico

3 gifts blue:

  • blue fish seen on my first snorkeling adventure
  • unbelievably blue Caribbean seas
  • lacy clouds in a beautiful blue sky

3 more gifts:

  • quiet time to read some amazing books
  • watching my 71-year old father-in-law go down the slide on the ship
  • brother-in-law watching out for my husband

3 gifts at sea:

  • amazing lightning storm at a distance on one side of the ship, and sunrise in a clear sky on the other
  • watching a veil of rain descend as we sailed through it
  • watching the rain with my brothers and sisters-in-law, all with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee in one hand, frozen yogurt in the other:)

3 gifts funny

  • Trying to explain to my digitally minded children how to get pictures developed from a roll of film instead of downloading online:)
  • My little Doodlebug, after being apart from us all week, wanting to play Clue Jr. before we could even unpack our bags
  • After a week of relaxing on our own, we were so exhausted we slept through the 30 minutes VHS tape our son chose to watch after Clue jr.

Gifts from today:

  • a moment in Communion, as we all looked around at each other, tears in our eyes, realizing we’d get to spend eternity in community, not only with the Father, Son and Spirit, but each other
  • “You’re either growing more actively righteous or passively wicked.”–part of a sermon by Papa Don Finto.
  • snuggling with all my children while putting them to bed

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