Grateful for the gift of friends and mothers

It was a week for cleaning up after the blessing party, seeing friends, and celebrating mothers–birth, adopted, -to be, new, old and in-between. It was a week for pondering blessings that don’t look like blessings on the surface, having God speak through scripture, and watching my husband rediscover his love for songwriting and worship leading after a year in the desert, and the peace and joy it brings to do what the Father made you to do. Here’s my list for the week:

3 gifts in my home:

  • a friend for a long-overdue visit on the patio
  • basil from the garden for a fresh tomato caprese salad
  • paint and canvas and time to create

3 gifts in a closet:

  • camera for recording memories
  • art supplies for creative children (and their mama)
  • a stocked pantry closet

3 gifts found in the dark:

  • dinner out on a patio with friends I can laugh and cry with
  • soft spring breeze in the night
  • sounds of the frogs after two days of rain

a gift outside, inside, upside down:

  • children happily watering the wee little garden and exclaiming at all their little plants
  • homemade pineapple juice popcicles in the freezer
  • a situation that doesn’t look like a blessing, that actually is (but only in God’s upside down economy)

3 gifts about my parents:

  • their strong, abiding love for each other
  • they always took us to church, but that wasn’t the end of their faith–they lived it out everyday for us to see
  • their willingness to talk about anything

3 gifts held in hand today:

  • fresh strawberries
  • garage sale find to brighten the patio
  • children who still want to hold my hand

3 gifts found in my mother:

  • her love for studying the Word
  • her selfless caring for others
  • her joy in her grandchildren

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