Gratitude for birthday girls, marathons and spring flowers

Three gifts close:

  • being close to my children and husband again, after a long weekend away
  • Salvia and coreopsis close outside the backdoor
  • worshiping a God so close, He lives inside me

Three gifts reflecting:

  • sunset reflecting on clouds for a glorious display of orange, pink and purple
  • reflecting on the 14 glorious years I’ve had so far with my oldest daughter–happy birthday, Happy Girl!
  • shining tea kettle reflecting the image of my friend having a cup of tea:)

Three gifts fragile:

  • Peony blossoms, fragrance filling the house and yard
  • the hearts of my children
  • the fragility of friendships, but the strength behind those crafted with the love of the Lord

A gift cloth, steel, wood:

  • great garage sale clothing finds
  • steel guitar strings heard early in the morning, and the endurance my husband puts forth to be a better musician
  • a brand new door for the garage–that stays closed!

3 gifts moving:

  • 40,000 people moving past our church in the Country Music Marathon

    So it's not all 40,000 of them, but they ran past for three hours solid. Way to go marathoners!

  • the flags the children waved during worship over those 40,000 people
  • SO many of those people, despite the fact they were 8 miles into a 13 or 26 mile run, lifting their arms in praise and singing worship songs along with us as they ran or walked past our church–it moved me!

3 gifts “ugly beautiful”:

  • pain and confusion of another time of unemployment–but the beauty of the words of the Lord, spoken to us by men who had no idea what we were going through, and the assurance that God is in control
  • paints, brushes, scissors, glue, markers scattered across the table and children happy to create and happy with their creations
  • crumbs on the floor, attic contents shoved to one side and toys everywhere–an amazing day with friends for work and fun (and ¬†doubling my floored space in the attic!)

3 gifts orange:

  • orange gerberas on canvas
  • black and orange robins cocking their heads and pouncing on worms in the yard
  • orange lilies as I drive down the road

3 gifts in dirt:

  • spring roses
  • irises a-plenty
  • wee little garden sprouting spinach, onions, sweet potatoes, carrots and corn

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