First Week of Lent Gratitude

Lent started last week, so it was a week of wrestling with myself–the inner battle of is this legalistic? Shall I do it? May I do it? What have I done? Then there was a peace with my decision and a beginning of the work of celebrating Lent. Here are my gifts of the week:

Gifts at breakfast, lunch, and supper:

  • learning to enjoy the process of baking what I can’t eat:)
  • new options for gluten-free lunch
  • unexpected dinner with my daughter from Kalamata’s–yum!

3 gifts white:

  • children enamored with the sliver of silvery white “smiling” moon in the sky
  • two planets seen accompanying the happy moon in the sky at twilight
  • sweet snowdrops in my mother’s garden

3 gifts that changed today:

  • antibiotics for my daughter to make her well
  • geting to start Lent–not a “you must” but a “you may!”
  • drooping gerberas that lead to a creative painting and insight

gifts of tin, glass and wood:

  • tin pails of crayons, markers and colored pencils to foster creativity in my kiddos
  • glass vase of orange blooms on the dining room table
  • series of books both my boy and girl enjoy (books are made of paper which is wood, right?)

3 gifts before 11 am:

  • unexpected plans working out
  • an extra 30 minutes of sleep:)
  • a morning of school that ran so smoothly!

a gifts nearly worn out, a gift made new, a gift made do:

  • running shoes that need to be replaced
  • my dear painting instructor, helping me fix what I couldn’t see
  • a willingness to let go of something allowing a new creativity that made it worth keeping

3 gifts seen as reflections:

  • the “normal,” ordinary yet extraordinary people our church supports as missionaries–and their reflection of God using all of us in His Kingdom, if we let Him
  • little fingerprints all over the mirror-the bittersweetness of knowing they won’t stay that size for long and a reminder to enjoy the season I’m in
  • the Lenten book that helped me hold my soul up to the mirror, look down deep into myself, be uncomfortable with my own reflection, and rejoice that He who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it.

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