What we’ve been up to this week…

Well, it’s been a week of odd weather this week, here in Nashville. Sunday started with rain, had snow in the middle, then a lovely sunset in the evening. It was in the 70’s yesterday and we’ve had quite a bit of wind as well. Lent started, and we’ve talked about that a good bit at our house. I do not require any of my children to participate in giving up stuff for Lent. I don’t think it’s a biblical requirement to participate in Lent–it’s a man-made event–and I don’t want my kids to feel like God’s going to love them more or less based on what they do or don’t do during Lent.  We talked about how sometimes laying something we like to do aside for a season gives us more time to concentrate on other things. The children decided on their own to forego movie night for the next six weeks. Instead, we would play games or do something else as a family. Given that I’d just told them the day before that we weren’t going to be watching any videos for awhile, except for school and movie night, I was surprised, but we’ll see how it goes. We also talked about other things we could do to show love for each other, not only in our family, but outside it. They are busy thinking of things they could do, emptying out shelves in the pantry to donate to our church’s food pantry, planning sandwiches for the homeless that are near our church, and other ideas.

So there were no movies/Netflix at our house this week. This was a joint decision, and the first day was hard. I have a rather precocious 5-old, who taught himself to read right before he turned four. Most days he zips through his seat work for kindergarten in 30 minutes and will usually play pretty happily, but there have been times–OK daily for a while, when a video was very helpful to me. I’m in the middle of consignment season, trying to figure out how to plan high school, researching a new gluten-free diet I need to implement, and everything else I’m doing. But the videos stopped. Sigh. What was I thinking? While they were the ones that stopped watching videos, I was the one having the hardest time.

The house is a total disaster, even for me. No question about it. This week there was a trip to Costco, so I have pyramids of TP, paper towels and napkins ready to go to the attic. As soon as I can get the consignment stuff out of the front of the attic. But that’s just the stuff that hasn’t taken over the living room. Preschool supplies, Thomas the train, books are all waiting to be labeled and priced. Then my bulk grains came in–50 lb bag of groats, bags of wheat berries and popcorn. It looked like the Olsen’s general store, except no candy and no one with lovely curled ringlets. The school desk was hidden under easels and tubes of paint–both mine and the kids. They love to paint, and when they weren’t outside playing in the yard or building with Legos (another mess) or making a fort, they were painting. Then I painted too, just to ease my stress. It helped with the stress, not so much the mess. On top of that, my oldest has been sick all week, and she is my right hand. While everyone helps out, her help is, well, more helpful than others if you know what I mean. A trip to the doctor yesterday was necessary and I’m glad we went, but that was another three hours I didn’t get to put stuff away.

We did get out to Radnor Lake one day this week. We found 10 turtles sunning themselves on the shore of one of the ponds, and the kids had a great time sketching a group of 6 turtles. That was probably my favorite part of the week. No clean up!

My little cuties sketching the turtles


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